Case Studies: Property Management

1. Ice Cream Cart



A fire alarm and evacuation at Alhambra Towers in Coral Gables caused a disruption in the workday for the tenants. The evacuation, in the middle of the summer on a hot day lasted 45 minutes, which was uncomfortable and inconvenient for the businesses, which lost valuable productivity in the middle of the day.


The fire was automatically extinguished by the garage fire sprinklers and there was nothing for management to apologize for. The cause of the fire was a tenant’s car that combusted. We used an inconvenience as an opportunity to build good will. Management staff and leasing agents went to multiple ice cream shops and bought frozen ice cream sandwiches and distributed them to all 400 employees throughout the building, delivering them to each individual office.


An unexpected pleasant surprise to build strong relationships and long term loyalty among our tenants. We also present baskets of cookies and other seasonal platters to our tenants for the benefit of all of their employees at Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

2. How to Make an Older Building Competitive and Environmentally Friendly

property-management-casestudyimage2 PROBLEM

The property management team needed to market and lease an older suburban office building in Jacksonville, Florida, (The Center Building) that faced fierce competition from newer vacant buildings in the area that were more appealing to environmentally conscious corporate tenants.


As part of the renovation plan to upgrade and differentiate The Center Building, we created attractive features including outdoor seating in a tree-shaded interior courtyard with fountains and new landscaping, and put in new marble floors in the lobby. We also installed a completely new air-conditioning system, all to specified requirements of L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification requirements.



The end result was an appealing indoor-outdoor experience for tenants with a fresh new look, and an air-conditioning system with sector controls for small tenants and large tenants alike. The Center Building became the first privately owned L.E.E.D. Certified building in Jacksonville and all of North Florida providing tenants with lower operating expenses. The building’s popularity with prospective tenants allowed the team to achieved nearly 100{f861352ab7d0f3f786cb6cad7d8c1b9836ed30c85c37a8f77ba2d159a4e0e407} occupancy.